JIVA Water Devices

Enhances Life Energy in Water

Harmony. Energy. Wholeness.

The core principles of Jiva Water

At the heart of Jiva water lies a captivating tale of exploration and understanding

Ancient wisdom and Modern science intertwine to awaken the true essence of water

Pure alone is not enough!

Water has life giving properties.. These life giving energies are depleted in our water today!

JIVA Water Devices restore the life giving properties in water. Drinking JIVA water helps your cells detoxify better, enhances hydration and leads to optimal cell health. - shape, size, oxygenation, motility...

JIVA Water Devices use cutting-edge techniques, through advanced frequency encoding methods and tapping into the intense bio-mineral energy fields, to harness the transformative power of water

Devices for Home and Farms - Experience the power of Naturefication

Jiva Water Impact Stories

Every Story here is from the happy Jiva Water Community

Don't take our word for it

Jiva Water has increased the moisture in soil. The soil is now very fertile. Our crops are now healthier & the yield has increased

Senthil Kumar, Farmer, Coimbatore

Vipasa, Farm Device

After just few weeks of Jiva Water, my mother was able to eat spicy foods without any problem. You need to experience Jiva Water yourself and derive the benefits.

Sridhar, IT Professional, Singapore

Yami, Home Device

I learnt about the long, tiring journey of water and its ill effects on our body. So, when Yami can energise water instantly, why not?

Rakshika, Student, Bangalore

Yami, Home Device

After installing Vipasa in our overhead tank, our terrace garden has become so luscious with Jiva Water. Greens, vegetables tastes so good.

Sharada, Bangalore

Vipasa, Home Device

On using JIVA water, my buffaloes have become healthier and happier. The quantity of milk per buffalo has increased from 6 liters to 7 liters per day.

Bharat Jadav

Vipasa, Farm Device

Jiva Water Devices for home are widely used at home for drinking water, cooking, washing vegetables, washing clothes, Terrace Gardens, Pets and more. Jiva Water Devices for Farms are used in Agriculture Lands, Dairy Farms, Plantations, Hydroponics, Fisheries, Poultries and more.

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JIVA has the power to revive 'energy depleted' waters via its unique three-tier principle called Naturefication

Your Questions - Answered

When normal water is passed through Jiva Water Devices, it becomes Jiva Water. Jiva Water is Full of Life energy

Light + Energy is Life Energy. When Life Energy is optimal, life thrives. Life Energy in water is the photoluminescence, bio-energy, and vibrant information which is found to be high in pristine natural water sources. This subtle yet powerful quality enhances cellular hydration and promotes overall well-being

Jiva Water Devices restore life energy in any clean water. They work to neutralize information in water, restore photoluminescence and bio-energy, and encode the natural vibrational vitality in water, retaining its natural life-sustaining qualities to enhance the quality and benefits of the water we consume.

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Our Founder Dr.Krishna often says

“A droplet of water holds the life of a universe.”

Today, Water is abused.

Are you drinking traumatised water?

It might be making you sick!

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200 Million+

litres of normal water revived as Jiva Water across globe

5000+ Acres

Soil Nourished. Soil Revived with Jiva Water aids in healthy produce

0.15 Paise

Costs only 0.15p/litre to make any normal Water into Jiva Water