Drinking water needs Life Energy

Jiva Water Devices Restore Life Energy in Water

Benefits of Jiva Water Devices

Revive your cells, revitalize your life. Unlock the extraordinary potential of water, reawakened with the essence of life.

Dr. Krishna, Scientist and Founder, Jiva Water

“A drop of Water holds the life of a Universe”

Within a single droplet of water, the essence of an entire universe unfolds. It holds a hidden realm with life's wonders.

Your personal everyday essential

Restoring Life-Energy to your drinking water in an instant!

Experience the remarkable advantages of drinking water that not only hydrates but also invigorates your cells and promotes holistic health

The depletion of Life Energy in water

Your water travels through dark and dingy pipes and undergoes purification processes before it reaches you. This water you use is clean, but it does not have the Life Energy that it should possess. 

Simply pass the clean water through the device, to restore the depleted Life Energy instantly.

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Untold Secrets of Water

  • Life Energy

    Water has Life Energy in its natural sources and today, it is measurable.

  • Depletion

    Water takes a tough and rough journey to reach you which depletes its Life Energy.

  • Impacts

    Water without Life Energy doesn't support effective cellular-level hydration.

  • Health

    Jiva Water Devices restore Life Energy in water and strengthen your well-being.

Jiva Water Devices: bringing life back to water

Observed Benefits of Jiva Water

  • Improved Gut Health

    Improved Gut Health

  • Balanced Chakras

    Promote overall energy balance and well-being.


    Increased Stamina

    Experience longer-lasting energy throughout the day.

  • Good Nutrition Absorption

    Maximize the benefits of your dietary choices.

  • Deep Focus and Calmness

    Stay centered and composed even in challenging situations.

  • Enhanced Virility

    Boost your reproductive health and vitality.

  • Better Menstrual Health

    Enjoy improved well-being during your menstrual cycle.

  • Improved Concentration

    Enhance your focus and mental clarity.

  • Higher Energy

    Feel revitalized and energized throughout your day.

  • Improved Skin Health

    Improved Skin Glow and Elasticity

  • Better Sleep

    Improved Qualtiy of Sleep

  • Hair Fall

    Strong and Lusious looking hair

Impact Stories

A divine gift for my mothers Parkinson's disease

You will not believe this but within 2 months my mother’s IBS problems reduced and she started eating spicy food. It has been more than 10 months now and my mother is fully cured from her IBS problems.

Chandramukhi, Bangalore

Health in water

And the transformation has been AMAZING! My health has improved and I have started feeling more positive. What's even better? My hair growth has increased exponentially and my hair fall has reduced. All thanks to Jiva Water!

Dhabal Shah, Nala Supra, Mumbai

Cool at School with Jiva Water

I initially rejected the concept as I couldn’t understand how water could convey information to us. Also, I thought it would taste weird. But not at all. In fact, it felt quite refreshing. So, it made sense to drink only JIVA Water all the time.

Shradhitha, Student, Bangalore

All my irritating burps gone!

Now though my food habits are the same as earlier, I don't feel sluggish or uncomfortable all the time. Also, I noticed that my hair fall has reduced. And the most exciting thing, I also seem to be able to sit and work for much longer hours

Chakali Surendra, Accountant, Anantapur, India

Happy and healthy

I have always focused on positive behaviour and healthy living. I recently got introduced to Jiva Water and the Jiva way of life. It has only been 3 months since I started using their Yami device for drinking and domestic purposes. The increase in energy and the positivity that I feel is... Remarkable

Kavitha Prabhakar, Information Security Evangelist, Bangalore, India

Video Series - Jiva Water Experiences