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Water is beyond pH and TDS

Water does not just satisfy your thirst or hydration needs.

The purpose of water is beyond that.

The Water we drink carries energy to every cell in our body and hence Life Energy in water is important for overall wellness. Our physical, mental and spiritual wellness critically depends on the life energy in the water we consume.

Revive your waters
Jiva Water Devices

Today, we are excessively worried, only about the physical & chemical aspects of water; the energy aspect is not even thought about! 

The normal waters we use, has travelled very long distances from its natural source.  Hence, by the time we use it, water has lost most of its energy.

Jiva Water Devices bring back this lost energy into your glass of water, which is critically important for effective cellular wellbeing and hence our own wellbeing

Devices for Home and Farms - Experience the power of Naturefication

De-stress your drinking water with Yami - the Portable Water Device


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Yami is a sleek, lightweight water structuring device that is a kitchen essential. It is perfect for energising your daily drinking water.

The device also works well for washing fruits and vegetables and cooking for improved nutrition. Its handy size makes it easy to carry on travels, to the gym and to the office.

LENGTH : 12 CM    WEIGHT : 400 GMS

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Jiva Water Impact Stories

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Jiva Water Devices for home are widely used at home for drinking water, cooking, washing vegetables, washing clothes, Terrace Gardens, Pets and more. Jiva Water Devices for Farms are used in Agriculture Lands, Dairy Farms, Plantations, Hydroponics, Fisheries, Poultries and more.

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JIVA has the power to revive 'energy depleted' waters via its unique three-tier principle called Naturefication

Our Founder Dr.Krishna often says

“A droplet of water holds the life of a universe.”

Are you drinking traumatised water?

It might be making you sick!

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