JIVA is a scientifically proven, revolutionary water structuring device that erases any trauma present in water, increases its energy levels, and elevates water to its most natural and nourishing state.

Today, JIVA is not just a device but on its way to becoming a movement, nurturing, and empowering all living beings that it touches.

People behind JIVA

Srinivasan Vitoba

Srini is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of industry experience. He is deeply driven to help people reconnect with the long-lost ancient Indian roots. Along with Krishna, he aims to revive water, soil, and the environment to benefit communities globally with Jiva.

Dr. Krishna Madappa

Krishna is a global researcher and speaker on the energies aspects of water and its revival. JIVA is a product of his research, with which he continuously seeks to enrich people’s lives and nature by elevating the potential of water.


Welcome to JIVA and thank you for taking the
first step to revive our waters.