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JIVA devices have evolved, after three decades of research, to transform water into its natural, nourishing state, and to help life thrive.

Today, JIVA has become a movement empowering the soil and encouraging humanity to strive towards healthy and holistic living. JIVA has become a movement to see the universe in a drop of water.


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Yami is a sleek, lightweight water structuring device that is a kitchen essential. It is perfect for energising your daily drinking water.

The device also works well for washing fruits and vegetables and cooking for improved nutrition. Its handy size makes it easy to carry on travels, to the gym and to the office.

LENGTH : 12 CM    WEIGHT : 400 GMS

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JIVA has the power to revive 'energy depleted' waters via its unique three-tier principle called Naturefication

Our Founder Dr.Krishna often says

“A droplet of water holds the life of a universe.”

Are you drinking traumatised water?

It might be making you sick!

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