About Water

Structured water refers to water with a structure that has supposedly been altered to form a hexagonal cluster. It shares similarities with water that hasn’t been polluted or contaminated by human processes. These qualities make it healthier than tap or filtered water. This type of water exists naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other untouched sources.

Our current waters also known as bulk waters have a chaotic and dense arrangement of molecules. When these waters pass through a JIVA device, the molecules align in a way that brings back water’s quality at source and raises its nourishing potential.

Regular water, also known as Bulk water has a chaotic and dense arrangement of molecules. These allow for little or no retention of bioenergy. This deprives water of its natural, nourishing properties. When water is structured, the molecules align in a way that allows energy retention and brings back its quality at source, raising its nourishing potential.

They are one and the same. When water molecules align, they form a grid-like pattern. This is like hexagons connected to each other.

Structured water is found naturally at the source - in mountain springs, glacier melts, water from waterfalls, rain or any untouched, untapped areas in nature.

Rainwater is considered as the purest form of structured water as it is refreshed and energized by the natural action prevalent in the atmosphere. However, because of the environmental abuse, we have caused, the energy potential of rain waters have also got depleted.

There’s no particular Indian name for structured water, that we can come across because, water by itself was pristine, uncontaminated and revered, hence, naturally structured, in ancient times; and the term water itself would have meant structured water. Certainly part of ancient wisdom; basically the reason why they used water in all rituals, across cultures.

Most certainly. All rivers start with pristine structured waters, at source. As these rivers touch inhabited lands, because of the amount of abuse to our soils, the waters start breaking down, across their journey. Depending on the power of each of these waters, they gradually start breaking down across their journey.

They sure did, in their own way, beyond definitions. Slowly, as we moved away from wisdom to knowledge - from learning by doing to doing by learning - we lost our innate understanding of water; and inadvertently contaminated it.

Hoax is of two types - one is a straightforward lie, and the other is anything that doesn’t fit into our linear understanding which we were taught or we believe. Hence, outcome should determine what is hoax and what is not. There are enough validations done by Krishna on structured water, across decades, using structured water, which is good enough to show that it is not a hoax. All of these are non linear aspect as much as all life and nature is!

Let’s call it bioenergy or life energy. Existence of this energy is what differentiates between living and dead. Simple understanding would be - when someone is in ICU, and you are watching a monitor that shows a wave form - means alive; when it becomes a straight line - means dead. Like this, Water has its life energy as well. Our measurement system captures it in 25 boxes. When the boxes are blank or when they show up very weak and in a few boxes, it means the water is deplete of its life energy.

Structured water is safe to consume. Also, water does not mix with any substance, during this process. There is a passage in the Chandogyopanisad that refers to water in its most subtle state is “prana.” That is the life sustaining vital force. Can we even consider otherwise.

Structured water (JIVA water)

Since our living cells are craving for the right water, when you drink structured water initially, you’ll tend to drink more. Very soon, once the cells are rejuvenated and hydrated, the need to drink water will come down and stabilise. Your body typically tells you when you have to drink water; when you are hydrated, the feeling does not occur. It is also important to know that you need to drink the water rather than sipping it.

Structured water provides cellular hydration. This is the foundation to all functionalities in every living being. In humans, proper cellular hydration allows for better stamina, energy, stronger hair, healthier skin, better functionalities of the endocrine systems, etc. In plants it increases the nutritional value, yield, cycle time etc., besides improving soil absorption and soil biome. In animals, it increases immunity, health, productivity, quality etc. in pets,it reduces hair shedding and pet odour.

This is a genuinely tough one. What happens within us, can’t be seen and how we are, will never be attributed to water directly. However, the best analogy is plants, where everything is visible; for e.g, our nervous system is an equivalent of the Root system in plants. Hence when we see well developed roots in plants, would definitely mean how it will benefit our nervous system hence better cellular communication, and hence leading to better overall wellness and energy.


Most certainly. In fact, would be highly beneficial, since it will help, stamina, focus and so on.

All earthy and natural material definitely help structured water to get to its higher potential. Plastic and synthetic containers are best avoided.

No. It breaks down on boiling. Warm water on the other hand resists some level of breakdown.

No. Microwave is the least beneficial, and certainly not for structured water.

Yes it does. Please store in non-synthetic containers, preferably glass.

Yes it does.

Definitely better than using regular water. It will help release of better flavours and nutrients. Depending on the cooking method, boiling will break the structure down, while warm water will still hold partially.

All fruits and vegetables will start losing their energy, over time and storage. Hence, washing with structured water, will help regain a little bit of their freshness and energies back.

Yes, it does this naturally. Minerals that contribute hardness, tend to automatically get softened, when water gets structured. As the water molecules align, they tend to declump, leading to the water becoming softer, naturally

TDS is a measurement pertaining to physical purification. Structuring is related to reviving the life energy of water, and does not remove physical impurities. However, high TDS generally means hard water and the structured water naturally softens.

Yes it does. For that matter, it will work with any water. Only, in the case of drinking water, since there could be physical contaminants, please use whatever method you are comfortable using, for purifying, and then pass through the device.

Yes it does

Yes it does. The device works with any water. The revival will depend on the extent to which the waters are depleted of their life energy. In cases where the waters are too poor, we’ve seen the device revive it marginally.

UV + RO are Purification systems, that works on physical impurities. Structured water revives the life energy that gets depleted during these processes.

It does, depending on the quality of input water. Water tends to get lighter and fresher, during the structuring process. Some people with a sharper sense of smell, have been able to find a difference.

There are no moving parts in the device, and does not require any maintenance as well. So, nothing can essentially go wrong with the device, unless in extreme cases - like a very harsh fall or such

Nothing. You’ll go back to giving your cells, waters that lacks life energy.

Do not pour hot water through the device

It is ok if some regular water spills into structured water, while passing through the device. Structured water quickly tends to structure the entire water column.

Do not pour juices inside the device. Filtered clear juices are ok. In any case, after such use, please pass regular water through the device, giving it a flush.

You can pour your liquors through the device. Actually, they tend to get softer and the grade goes up to a higher level. In any case, after such use, please pass regular water through the device, giving it a flush.

Krishna has been the pioneer doing application level research and advising a few companies globally, in the space of structured water. We could call him the guru of structured water. There are a very few small players - who are spin offs based out of his advisory interactions. The most important reason is - lack of a direct and deeper understanding of the mysterious behaviour of water from a science and measurement perspective.

Structured water is about drinking the right water, that helps cells throw(flush) their toxins and maintain good health. Hence, it would be tough to say that you’ll find anything visually noticeable, or even attributable to structured water. We can see a lot of evidence in plants and animals – like root development, better nutritional health, better skin glow and quality of output in animals and so on. This gives us a direct understanding that it does go in to benefit human beings as well. Water cannot differentiate between plants or humans. They only know a living cell and to help it thrive.

In a blood study, we have seen the blood cells getting better oxygenated and healthier. Some of them have said that they’ve seen their pimples (acne) clear and the skin glow getting better. There have been instances where people who have used JIVA water, do not feel satisfied by drinking normal water. JIVA water feels fresh, light and better; I feel energetic; I don’t know what’s happening but definitely something’s happening. These are some comments we’ve come across as well.

It’ll only be beneficial, since at least some amount of JIVA water has gone into your system.

Jiva at Homes

Yes. Certainly. Since most of our soils are completely depleted of their life energy, river waters flowing through these soils become depleted of their life energy as well.

Structuring using traditional methods would be a tough one. Probably, storing in copper vessels and charging them with specific mantras would be useful, if one knows these.

Copper or silver vessels were used predominantly in ancient times, since they have the ability to kill bacteria and similar pathogens. Silver is more expensive, and hence was less used.

Water passed through JIVA has been found to hold its structure for a few weeks and with respect to distance, it has been seen to hold structure for more than a kilometre.

Storing in plastic bottles is definitely not recommended. While it may not affect the structure drastically, there will be a breakdown.

Easily a week, in non-synthetic containers.

Absolutely none. Other way round, for those who are spiritually inclined, placing an intent to structured water would do well. Structured water carries good and deep intentions of the heart, and transports the message to the cells, who are carriers of information to various organs. After all, most of our existence is based on effective cellular communication.

Definitely, you can. There will be less loss of lustre, in cleaning or washing - be it utensils or clothes. Cooking, it will help better release of nutrients etc, depending on the method of cooking.

Milk may not have much impact. While, cows drinking Jiva water, have given much better quality of milk, with increase in yield as well.

Do not pour juices inside the device. Filtered clear juices are ok. In any case, after such use, please pass regular water through the device, giving it a flush.

You can pour your liquors through the device. Actually, they tend to get softer and the grade goes up to a higher level! In any case, after such use, please pass regular water through the device, giving it a flush.

Please pass water through the device first, and then heat it. This might retain the structure, depending on the extent of heating. Do not pass hot water directly through the device.

Healthier pets. We’ve seen reduction in hair shedding, pet odour and so on. In fish farming - we’ve observed a reduction in mortality rate.

No. This will be available only on jivawater.com.

The reason for starting the JIVA endeavour is to revive our soils and waters. We have even gone to the extent of calling it a JIVA Movement - implying that we need to be collective torch bearers in raising the deeper understanding of water and soil, we once had. Hence we are very conscious not to publish any testimonial that is intended purely to sell. Any customer who has published on their own, is their own view of what they observed. We do not want to, and we will not influence any artificial reviews.

Customer information, as you are aware, we treat it as extremely confidential and hence will not be able to help there. However, any customer testimonial that you see on this website, is genuine and not influenced. This is a deep commitment for us.

We do not offer any instalment based schemes, ourselves. However, most credit cards and banks, offer these schemes, as you would be aware, which would provide these possibilities.

No, we do not. Product does not work is not possible; and also, we have a very clear disclaimer that states - whether it is plants, animals, human beings or soils, there are various factors that contribute to a healthy outcome; and water is one of them, though extremely important. Hence we advise user discretion before making a decision to buy the device.

The Kutumba program, as the very name implies, is designed to have a movement happen. Hence, if you appreciate what Jiva stands for and you are aligned deeply with the purpose, and are keen to share this with your network, that you believe is fairly large, you are most welcome to be a part of Kutumba. You can send your intent to our email or whatsapp, and we’ll come back to you. Right now, this is on invitation basis.

The most meaningful and deepest name that best fitted to the purpose and hence the device, was JIVA, the Soul! We thought, it’s time we all decided to respect the waters we use, and bring the life energy back into our waters.

Rivers are a major source of energy, purity and noursihment. We, at JIVA, have used this as inspiration and have named our devices after the ancient names of some of India's most nurturing rivers - Yami (Yamuna), Vipasa (Beas), Jahnavi (Ganga) and Dihanga (Brahmaputra)

This is about the water is the essence of life. Integral to growth and sustenance of all life forms Our purpose is to touch and transform, and bring to life water touches 'Summarized as Water for the Living'

Water has been always seen from its physical properties whereas water has intrinsic and innate qualities to it that are totally set aside. When we start to look at the intrinsic quality, we see the abundance of nature and photons i.e. abundance of light. Light governs life. Water revived to light, revived to its natural energy holds higher potential to nurture and nourish living beings. This process of of taking water back to what it was in nature is called Naturefication.

Null zone or a space of shoonya is where water converges and specific frequency and vibrations are encoded into the water. Lattice structures are formed, restoring the life-enhancing quality of water.

Jiva in Farms

The waters will be at higher energy level, when passed through JIVA and hence, in a dynamic interaction with soil and plant, it will have the required intelligence to retain / intake / purge minerals, in line with helping life thrive in the plant, soil.

JIVA Water is beneficial in many ways. firstly, the soil biome improves and becomes healthy, the produce has more nutritional value, and the cycle time of the crop gets quicker, and yields have been seen to go up. Overall, it creates a very healthy water / soil / produce ecosystem, that thrives over time

While the immediate answer is no, we’ve seen that while using JIVA Waters, one can use close to <25% of usual quantity of water and gradually bring down the amount of fertilizers and pesticides being used.


Ideally we would be tempted to say no. But, we’ve traumatised our soils so badly, plus we have been pushing effluents (human, industrial, chemical) at various points of its flow. As we know – water in its chaotic molecular state retains lower energies. Hence, it would be beneficial to use JIVA, irrespective of the source, and raise these waters to a state of higher energy which helps life thrive

Equate this with a question on how a sperm built all the organs and ultimately the being. When raised to their higher potential that can support Life, JIVA Waters have it in them to pull / retain / purge all the elements they need to help life thrive.. that’s the role indeed. Hence, NPK is in itself a very limited understanding in our linear model; there are many such naturally existing micronutrients that play an important role as well. So, in holistic understanding and observation, when you see that the Produce is getting healthier, along with other aspects, this becomes very evident.

All Crops

In agriculture, the results can be more tangible – reduced cycle time of the crop, increased yield, better shape and size, higher nutritional value, healthier Soil biome all these can vary based on the geography, soils, practices, water qualities etc. the timing of manifestation could vary based on these. These are all the outcomes of JIVA. For more do refer to our testimonial section.

We have been doing a lot of investment and work, mostly at a superficial treatment level (for e.g., you have a headache, take tablet) not many have tried to step back to understand that we are doing something wrong. Working on the root cause than staying at superficial treatment is the answer for using JIVA. If we believe we could thrive by stripping our life energies off, then we know what the output would be. JIVA facilitates the innate energies to spring back and hence augurs well, across time and creates a foundational basis for plants to grow and thrive happily.

Just good flush of water should generally take care. Worst case, flush with little excess force

Not really. Quite simple and user friendly to install. Use Accessories that fit your pump and tube requirements, you should be able to fix it quite easily. You can refer to our installation videos for more understanding.

It’s quite fine. Fluctuating water pressures will not affect the device or the performance, in any way

Yes. Very beneficial. .

Very useful and beneficial to livestock, poultry and so on, in terms of their health. Eggs have been seen with higher nutritional value, less Sulphurous odours, besides increased yield itself. Mortality rate of hens / chicks have significantly reduced. Farm animals like cows, goats etc., have been observed to be healthier. We’ve observed better and richer milk / yields too.

Purchase and Dispatch

Product once sold, will not be taken back. However, if the product is damaged during transit we can replace it.

JIVA will issue a replacement for any product with manufacturing defects or damages during transit. No refund is possible.

The device works perfectly even without accessories. The accessories just make it easier for use everyday.

No. However, we can provide you guidance if anything is required via our contact form.

The device doesn’t need any replacement. One can consider it as a life time product.

Any misplacement during delivery will result in a replacement/ re-shipment. No refund would be possible.