Jiva Water is enough for me to keep me recharged throughout the day.

I am made up of 70% of water, so it is very important to know what water I drink. I don't have to drink green tea, coffee or anything as Jiva Water is enough for me to keep me recharged throughout the day. It is more than a water filter, it is my great friend, because it makes me more vital, happier and full of energy.

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2 Weeks of Jiva Water, Nourished Hair & Glowing Skin!

I immediately noticed the difference after washing my hair with Jiva Water. They were more velvety, soft and with natural hair styling: a completely new hair experience, like never before! Having coloured hair, Jiva makes a significant difference and I love the way Jiva Water nurtures & nourishes my skin too. I feel it more supple and glowing. I can't recommend Jiva enough and I'm only 2 weeks into it: thanks so much Krishna & 4th Phase Water Technologies, aho!

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My gut is healthier, stronger and brighter hair too

My gut is healthier and I feel much better than before. I also feel a great difference in my hair: they're stronger and brighter, thank you very much!

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A Purrfect Change for Me & My Introverted Cat!

My cat slept for the first time in 8 years on the bed together with the other cat: he has always been introverted and hidden and as he started drinking Jiva he opened up.

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No more dehydration troubles

Summer is not my favourite time of the year. I feel dehydrated all the time due to the heat during this season. I get extremely tired and fatigued doing any kind of activity. I just laze around and am very lethargic. I never feel energetic or vibrant, despite drinking a lot of water.

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Cool at School with JIVA Water

My name is Shradhitha, and I am in the 10th grade. After school, while my friends and I play or hang out together, we usually drink water from each other’s bottles.

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A divine gift for me and my mother

I came to know about JIVA Water recently, from my brother. I predominantly wanted an alternative for RO water, which is detrimental to all living beings and also a solution for my mother who has been suffering from terrible IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

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JIVA Water in and Acidity out!

I was in Delhi for 16 years as a bachelor, consuming spicy street side food and that too at odd hours was a regular affair for me. Needless to say, I slowly developed severe acidity problems. 

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