A divine gift for me and my mother

I came to know about JIVA Water recently, from my brother. I predominantly wanted an alternative for RO water, which is detrimental to all living beings and also a solution for my mother who has been suffering from terrible IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

My mother has also been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease since the last 10 years. Since PD is a progressive disease, it requires heavy medication which aggravates her IBS. And my mother has had to eat very bland diet for more than 5 years. Basically, my mother loves spicy food and it has been very depressing for her to eat such bland food since years.

Then came JIVA, like a blessing from heaven! My mother started taking JIVA water from Jan 2022. You will not believe this but within 2 months my mother’s IBS problems reduced and she started eating spicy food. It has been more than 10 months now and my mother is fully cured from her IBS problems.

What more can one ask for.

Incidentally, I find drinking Jiva water regularly also reduces skin allergies like Urticaria & Scabies. I feel very energized drinking Jiva water after my exercises and walking. I also find that my hair fall has reduced significantly. Thank You, JIVA Water.

Chandramukhi, Bangalore