Medical Disclaimer

At 4th Phase Water Technologies Private Limited (“Company”), we believe in the energy water contains and the positive effect it can have over the human body, mind and the well-being of environment. It is proved beyond doubt that our previous generations, who had access to purer and natural form of water had better immunity when compared to the current generations. Hence, in order to restore the energy contained in water, the Company has innovated the ‘Jiva Water Device’ (“Device”), which brings back the lost energy of water.
Each of the Devices offered on this website of the Company (“Website”) has been designed and created post extensive research on the benefits and outcomes from their usage. However, the customer must keep the following information in mind before accessing the Website:

Any information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images, testimonials, customer reviews and other material contained on the Website (“Website Information”) are solely for informational purposes. The Company does not provide any medical advice through the Website Information. All content relating to the claimed benefits and positive effects from the use of the Devices are based solely on user experience. The Company does not guarantee or warrant any positive or negative results or that any panacea or medical miracle can be derived from the use of the Devices Further, the Company assumes no responsibility or liability for any losses claimed to be suffered by the customer due to use of the Devices or by relying on the Website Information.

The Website Information does not act as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment or any particular medical issue or disease. It is advisable for each customer to seek medical advice prior to usage of the Devices in the event of an underlying medical condition and its ongoing treatment.
By visiting the Website, you agree to the above-mentioned terms and conditions, which may be modified from time-to-time, as deemed appropriate by the Company.