Is Bottled Water the Best Water You Can Drink?
The story of bottled water is a few centuries old but its phenomenal rise as a consumer product is more recent. According to a study by Fast Company, consumption of bottled water grew a thousand-fold in the United States between 1984 and...
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A journey of the moribund emotions of water
Freedom I’m water, the essence of life, the key to survival, an ancient entity worshipped for all that I give. I’ve lived a long, fruitful life, birthing forests, rivers, oceans, flora and fauna. It was a beautiful feeling when I...
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What’s missing in our waters?
Go back to the last holiday you had in the hills or when you were splashing under that waterfall. Ever wondered why your hair was so soft, flowing, and happy? That’s because the water there was soft, flowing, and filled...
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