Human consciousness and the elemental essence of water: Insights from the Worrell Residence Pond Ceremony

Human consciousness and the elemental essence of water: Insights from the Worrell Residence Pond Ceremony


In the serene setting of the Worrell Residence Pond, a transformative exploration into the enigmatic nature of water unfolded during a poignant Community Prayer Ceremony Facilitated by the esteemed Dr. Emoto San’s findings and the ISSS community in Taos, this event was more than mere observation, delving into the interplay between human consciousness and the elemental essence of water.

Dr. Emoto San's profound words resonated deeply throughout the ceremony, emphasizing water's capacity to reflect the delicate intricacies of the human soul. His insights into the transformative potential of 'LOVE & GRATITUDE' echoed across the gathered participants, igniting a collective exploration into the subtle yet profound forces shaping our reality.

The ceremony, a beautiful blend of spiritual reverence and scientific inquiry, served as a poignant reminder of water's dynamic nature.

Before the ceremony commenced, the pond's waters held a tranquil yet unassuming presence, typical of natural bodies of water. However, as the prayers and intentions of love and gratitude was in the environment, a palpable shift occurred.

Post-ceremony, the water radiated with newfound vitality, reflecting the energetic imprint of the collective intentions directed towards it.


This experiential journey into water's essence revealed a fundamental truth - water is not merely a physical substance but a conduit of energy, emotion, and intention. It mirrors the vibrational frequencies of our thoughts and feelings, offering profound insights into the interconnectedness of our inner and outer worlds.

The Worrell Residence Pond Ceremony transcended conventional boundaries, inviting participants to explore the intersection of spirituality, consciousness, and scientific inquiry. It brought forth the transformative potential inherent within us, inspiring us to harness the power of intention and gratitude to shape our reality.

Getting into the depths of water's mysteries, we need to reflect on the lessons gleaned from the Worrell Residence Pond Ceremony.

Let us approach water with reverence, recognizing it as a sacred medium that bridges the realms of the physical and the metaphysical. And let us carry forward the essence of love and gratitude, knowing that through these timeless virtues, we possess the keys to unlock a world of harmony, interconnectedness, and transformative potential.

Source: From the Water Experiments, Studies & Researches conducted by Dr.Krishna Madappa, Founder of Jiva Water Devices

Written by:
Krithika Prasad