Our Partner Programs are created for personal growth, meaningful connections and the power to make a positive impact in the lives of those around you along with a potential for earnings.

Everyone needs to know that drinking water with Life Energy is a must, for good health

Let's join to build a world together where everyone uses Jiva Water devices for optimal health and well-being.

Our partner programs

  • Ambassador

    Promote the benefits of Jiva Water Devices and inspire others while you earn! 

  • Influencer

    Foster positive change with your online and offline influence

  • Business Affiliates

    Support Jiva Water Devices by leveraging your business and professional connections 

Earning Potential for Partners

Every Partner earns a specific amount for every Jiva Water Device sold through their Partner Program codes or links that can be attributed on the website. Incomes for each segment of the Partner Program vary with some making a few thousands and some making six figures.

Partner income depends on how much influence the partner has, the partner’s reach, and how much time is invested in marketing Jiva Water Devices.


The Jiva Water Ambassador Program welcomes all water enthusiasts, empowering you to inspire your loved ones about the wonders of Jiva Water Devices. Ambassadors are pivotal in spreading awareness and fostering positive change within their networks. By sharing insights and personal stories, you not only contribute to the Jiva Water Movement but also earn a financial reward. 


a) Social Media Influencer Program 

For those with a substantial online presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, the Social Media Influencer Program is your opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Leverage your inspiring power to promote Jiva Water Devices through compelling content and genuine recommendations, fostering positive change within your community. 

b) Community Influencer Program

If you lead or are part of significant communities or organizations, the Community Influencer Program is designed for you. Your ability to inspire and influence people about Jiva Water Devices can be harnessed collaboratively. Utilize your networks to raise awareness, educate, and engage others in the cause of Jiva Water Devices. 

Business Affiliates

b) Community Influencer Program

Our Business Affiliate Program welcomes a diverse range of participants, from digital marketers to freelancers, consultants, self-employed individuals, and small businesses. Regardless of your business realm, this program empowers you to connect with people who value clean water and contribute to a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

As a Jiva Water Business Affiliate, make a positive impact on lives.