What is cellular hydration?

Cells are the fundamental units of life, and they rely on adequate hydration for their myriad functions, including energy production and waste removal. True cellular hydration means that water reaches the core of these cellular structures, allowing them to thrive and function optimally. Cellular hydration goes beyond mere water intake; it’s not just gulping down x liters every day or drinking only when thirsty. It involves ensuring that the water you consume penetrates deep into your cells.  

Life Energy and true cellular hydration? 

The concept of Life Energy in water is based on the study that water has special properties beyond its chemical ones. Water with Life Energy has a higher level of frequencies that can better enter our cells. This is important for many processes in our body, like breaking down food, creating energy, and getting rid of waste.  


Life Energy, also known as Prana or Chi in different cultures, is the vital force that keeps all living things alive. When it comes to water, Life Energy refers to the positive information, strong energy, bright light, and vibration that water carries. This energy is not something we can see, but it is an important part of our existence. 

  • Optimal Cellular Hydration

    Jiva Water helps maintain the structural integrity of your cells, ensuring they function efficiently. With well-hydrated cells, you will explore your full human potential

  • Deep Cellular Detox

    Water with Life Energy is crucial for the thorough removal of toxins and impurities from within your cells, supporting them to operate at peak effciency

  • Enhanced Cell-to-Cell Communication

    Improves coordination and information exchange between cells, facilitating efficient and synchronized bodily functions

  • Increased Energy Levels

    Jiva Water is the best fuel to your cells to power it up with the energy they need to keep you energetic throughout the day.

  • Reinforced Cellular Resilience

    With water full of life, the cells’ are capable of enduring stressors, maintaining their structural integrity, and functioning optimally despite external or internal pressures.


A divine gift for me and my mother

You will not believe this but within 2 months my mother’s IBS problems reduced and she started eating spicy food. It has been more than 10 months now and my mother is fully cured from her IBS problems.

Chandramukhi, Bangalore

Health in water

And the transformation has been AMAZING! My health has improved and I have started feeling more positive. What's even better? My hair growth has increased exponentially and my hair fall has reduced. All thanks to Jiva Water!

Dhabal Shah, Nala Supra, Mumbai

Cool at School with Jiva Water

I initially rejected the concept as I couldn’t understand how water could convey information to us. Also, I thought it would taste weird. But not at all. In fact, it felt quite refreshing. So, it made sense to drink only JIVA Water all the time.

Shradhitha, Student, Bangalore

All my irritating burps gone!

Now though my food habits are the same as earlier, I don't feel sluggish or uncomfortable all the time. Also, I noticed that my hair fall has reduced. And the most exciting thing, I also seem to be able to sit and work for much longer hours

Chakali Surendra, Accountant, Anantapur, India

Happy and healthy

I have always focused on positive behaviour and healthy living. I recently got introduced to Jiva Water and the Jiva way of life. It has only been 3 months since I started using their Yami device for drinking and domestic purposes. The increase in energy and the positivity that I feel is... Remarkable

Kavitha Prabhakar, Information Security Evangelist, Bangalore, India