Unveiling the Profound Mysteries of Water: A Deep Dive into the Community Prayer Ceremony in UNM Taos, New Mexico

Unveiling the Profound Mysteries of Water: A Deep Dive into the Community Prayer Ceremony in UNM Taos, New Mexico

In the serene halls of UNM Taos, an event of great significance unfolded—the Community Prayer Ceremony under the guidance of Lenny Foster at the Living Light Gallery. This gathering wasn't just about rituals; it was a profound exploration into the transformative power of water and its profound connection to the universe.  

Central to this exploration was the profound wisdom shared by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a pioneer in the study of water's responsiveness to emotions and intentions. Emoto's work suggests that water is not merely a passive substance but a dynamic medium that reflects and amplifies the energies directed towards it. His analogy of life experiences as drops in the vast ocean of collective consciousness resonates deeply, showing us that our individual actions shape the fabric of our interconnected world. 

Before delving into the ceremony's impact, it's crucial to understand Emoto's groundbreaking work. He showed water responds to external stimuli such as words, music, and thoughts, forming distinct patterns based on the stimulus' nature. Positive and loving expressions resulted in symmetrical and beautiful crystalline structures, while negative or harsh expressions led to distorted and chaotic patterns. This phenomenon suggests a profound link between our consciousness and the structure of water, hinting at a deeper interplay between mind, matter, and the unseen forces shaping our reality. 

During the Community Prayer Ceremony, participants engaged in collective prayer and positive intentions, directing their energy towards a vessel of water. 

The transformative effects were beyond logical explanations. The water, initially neutral, underwent a remarkable change post-community's prayer ceremony.

It exuded a luminous quality, a sweetness, and a pleasant aroma—an embodiment of the love and light infused into it.

This transformation wasn't merely symbolic; it hinted at the profound ability of water to absorb, store, and transmit energies—a concept with profound implications in fields ranging from holistic healing to quantum physics.

What makes this exploration significant is its invitation to reevaluate our relationship with water. Beyond its utilitarian value as a resource, water emerges as a sentient entity that mirrors and magnifies our intentions. This understanding aligns with indigenous wisdom that reveres water as a sacred being deserving of reverence and gratitude.

The experience of savouring this energized water was not just a sensory delight but a profound reminder of our interconnectedness and the power of collective intention. It underscored the notion that every action, every thought, contributes to the collective tapestry of existence, shaping not just our individual realities but the shared fabric of humanity.

Delving into such experiential and interdisciplinary studies opens doors to deeper insights and expanded perspectives. It challenges us to move beyond the confines of conventional knowledge and embrace the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate disciplines. Water, in its simplicity and complexity, serves as a potent metaphor for the interconnected web of life—a reminder that understanding one aspect deeply can illuminate the mysteries of the whole.

In conclusion, the UNM Taos Community Prayer Ceremony was not just an event; it was a gateway to profound revelations about the nature of water and consciousness. It helps us to explore further, to question deeply, and to embrace the interconnectedness that defines our existence.

Source: From the Water Experiments, Studies & Researches conducted by Dr.Krishna Madappa, Founder of Jiva Water Devices

Written by:
Krithika Prasad