Over the years, the quality of the soil has deteriorated owing to unsustainable farming practices and the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides. This has diminished the quality of crops and thereby their yield. Irrigating your fields with JIVA improves water and nutrient absorption in the soil. In the long term, it brings down the over-dependence on artificial yield enhancers, pesticides, and fertilizers.

When given to farm animals, it enhances their health, improving both the quality and quantity of their yield.



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Vipasa is a sturdy water structuring device that is essential to improve the quality of water in the entire home and farm.

For Home:

It is the perfect option to energise your daily water. The device works well for bathing as it promotes good skin and hair, the device is perfect for terrace gardening for healthy soil and produce. It easily fits into the existing water-lines, such as overhead tanks and pumps. 

For Farm:

It helps in enhancing the soil biome, nutritional value, yield and crop cycle time. It also helps to maintain optimal health in poultry, cattle, terrace gardens, etc. It can handle upto 9,000 litres of water per hour and can be fitted to pumps with suitable adaptors.




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Jahnavi is a robust water structuring device that is vital to enhancing the soil biome, nutritional value, yield and crop cycle time in larger farms. It is used in majority of farms, can handle 30,000 litres of water per hour and can be fitted to pumps with suitable adaptors.

LENGTH : 33 CM    WEIGHT : 7.45 KG


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Dihanga is a heavy duty water structuring device that is essential to aquafarms, larger water bodies and improves the soil biome in farms that are water-rich and where the volume of water is high. It can be mounted on anchors provided and can fit into a pump using suitable adaptors. It can handle more than 50,000 litres of water per hour.

LENGTH : 48.5 CM    WEIGHT : 22.47 KG


+ Reduces toxic salt build-up in the soil
+ Increases nutrient absorption into the soil
+ Helps in the growth of Nitrogen-fixing bacteria
+ Increases the oxygen levels in the soil
+ Improves soil biome

+ Maintains healthy plant cell hydration
+ Improves nutrient absorption by plant roots
+ Improves plant immunity
+ Stimulates root development

Fruits & Vegetables
+ Produces tasty, delicious fruits, herbs and vegetables
+ Enhances natural flavour
+ Enhanced richness in nutrients
+ Enhanced quantum of produce

+ Increased natural pollination
+ Flowers have enhanced fragrance
+ Cut flowers last longer

+ Recycled water is richer in nutrients
+ Requires lesser farm maintenance

+ Healthier plant cell hydration
+ Juicy grapes with a longer shelf life
+ More grapes per bunch

+ Reduced mortality rate
+ Greater immunity within chickens
+ Higher protein value in chicken
+ Larger quantities of eggs
+ Lesser sulphurous odour
+ Lesser ammonia smell in pens

Animal Husbandry
+ Increased water consumption
+ Improvement of health during pregnancy
+ Increased vigour and mating ability
+ Healthier cattle - cows, goats, sheep
+ Higher quantity and quality of healthier milk
+ Higher quantum of wool

+ Higher oxygen content in the water for breeding
+ Less toxicity concentration in fish
+ Quicker growth rate in fish
+ Reduced mortality rate
+ Nutritious, healthier fish


The waters will be at a higher energy level, when passed through JIVA and hence, in a dynamic interaction with soil and plant, it will have the required intelligence to retain/intake/purge minerals, in line with helping life thrive in the plant and soil.

JIVA Water is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, the soil biome improves and becomes healthy, the produce has more nutritional value, the cycle time of the crop is quicker, and yields have been seen to go up. Overall, it creates a very healthy water/soil/produce ecosystem, that thrives over time

While the immediate answer is no, we’ve seen that while using JIVA Waters, one can use close to <25% of the usual quantity of water and gradually bring down the quantity of fertilizers and pesticides being used.

Ideally, we would be tempted to say no. But, we’ve traumatised our soils so badly, plus we have been pushing effluents (human, industrial, chemical) at various points of its flow. As we know – water in its chaotic molecular state retains lower energies. Hence, it would be beneficial to use JIVA, irrespective of the source, and raise these waters to a state of higher energy which helps life thrive

My cattle looks healthier and products better milk

Shushruth, Theethipalayam, Coimbatore