The waters we use at home are devoid of life-supporting energies. These waters have travelled
through dark and dingy pipelines over hundreds of kilometres, and are further chemically treated before
ultimately reaching our homes.

JIVA devices – the Yami and Vipasa – revive the depleted energies of the water. Hence the waters passed through JIVA support, revive and rejuvenate the life-supporting qualities of waters. In short, JIVA water facilitates cell hydration. After all, we are a total of around 40 trillion cells!



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Designed to snugly fit your palm, Yami is a easy to use, elegant hand held device – for home, office and travel. You can simply sling Yami to your drinking water point (using our line of accessories); wash your vegetables and fruits before consuming or cooking; carry it in your travel case wherever you go; keep it on your conference table at office, and so on!

Buy your Yami today, and help invigorate your tired cells. 

LENGTH : 5.32 inches   WEIGHT : 19 Ounces


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Stunning and elegantly designed, Vipasa is built to handle water volumes of upto 9,000 litres per hour or 2,500 gallons per hour (which is more than sufficient to handle typical water flows in household). You can fit Vipasa to your pipelines – at the outlet point of your overhead tanks (India Users), or at the entry point to your home.

For Home:

It is the perfect option to energise your daily water. Skin is the second largest organ of our human body, and approximately 10% of the water we bathe in, is absorbed by the skin, to help endocrine health and optimal functioning.

The device works well for bathing as it promotes good skin and hair, the device is perfect for terrace gardening for healthy soil and produce. It easily fits into the existing water-lines, such as overhead tanks and pumps. In Terrace garden users have seen phenomenal differences in the growth and nutritional aspects of what they are growing.

For Farm:

Elegantly designed and robustly built, Vipasa is ideally suited for small agricultural lands, cattle farms, poultry farms and so on, helping regain their life sustaining abilities. You can fit Vipasa to the outlet of your pump that carries water to your land. It helps in enhancing the soil biome, nutritional value, yield and crop cycle time. It also helps to maintain optimal health in poultry, cattle, etc.

Installation Note: Vipasa has 1" NPT standard thread

Watch the Vipasa Installation Video here

LENGTH : 8.3 inches   WEIGHT : 89 Ounces


+ Boost Cellular hydration
+ Improves Energy
+ Improves Stamina
+ Enhances blood-Oxygen levels

Washing fruits and vegetables
+ Enhances nutritional value
+ Enhances flavour and taste

+ Rejuvenates skin
+ Strengthens hair
+ Assists in detoxification
+ Boosts Immunity

Terrace gardens
+ Improves quality of produce
+ Reduces crop cycles time
+ Enhances flavour and taste
+ Enhances nutritional value

+ Improves overall well being
+ Improves fur texture
+ Reduce hair fall
+ Reduces foul odour
+ Boosts immunity and stamina

Fish Tank
+ Improves available oxygen in the water
+ Improves over all well being


Yes. Certainly. Since most of our soils are completely depleted of their life energy, river waters flowing through these soils become depleted of their life energy as well.

Structuring using traditional methods would be a tough one. Probably, storing in copper vessels and charging them with specific mantras would be useful, if one knows these.

Copper or silver vessels were used predominantly in ancient times, since they have the ability to kill bacteria and similar pathogens. Silver is more expensive, and hence was less used.

Water passed through JIVA has been found to hold its structure for a few weeks and with respect to distance, it has been seen to hold structure for more than a kilometre.

Storing in plastic bottles is definitely not recommended. While it may not affect the structure drastically, there will be a breakdown.

JIVA enhanced the quality of my garden

Sharada Srinivasan, Terrace Garden Owner, Bangalore