Dr Krishna Madappa

"Observe nature. Everything there is to know will come to you," were Krishna's mother's words that inspired him to "seek what the sages sought, not what they taught."

And thus began Krishna's journey into the most vital and sacred substance in the Universe - Water. Being a mechanical engineer, the field of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics motivated Krishna to explore the realms of bio-energy sciences. He forayed into researching the non-linear aspects of water for three decades.

He studied the reverence placed in water in every culture – from the Vedas to the native Americans, to the Bedouin tribes to understand their practices to shield water from the negative life forces. He found answers at the cusp of science and spirituality.

Krishna often says, “A droplet of water holds the life of a universe.” He is deeply passionate about water and its well-being. His aim of restoring the life-sustaining quality of water is his entire life’s mission.

Srinivasan Vitoba

Srinivasan Vitoba is an entrepreneurial expert with over30 years of experience in the industry. He has stepped into multiple roles, from being the Founder Director of SJS Enterprises – a garage to a global automotive OEM supplier,to being the Regional President of South India and former Chairman of Karnataka for the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.

Watching only a few start-ups make it globally has driven him to his current role of being a mentor and an investorto help the country’s bright minds thrive. He pursues his passion for giving back to the community and its betterment..

Passionate about restoring the natural health of the planet and humanity, he embarked on his next journey with Krishna to revive water, soil and environment that will benefit communities globally. His vision for Jiva is to be regarded as a default standard for water in the near future.

Srinivasan says, “Water has gotten commoditised. Creating a positive social impact globally in this area is my next venture. I’m certainly looking forward to it.”

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