Is Bottled Water the Best Water You Can Drink?

Is Bottled Water the Best Water You Can Drink?

The story of bottled water is a few centuries old but its phenomenal rise as a consumer product is more recent. According to a study by Fast Company, consumption of bottled water grew a thousand-fold in the United States between 1984 and 2005. And it has been rising around the world even more.

The trend brings to mind what anthropologist Richard Wilk said: “Packaged water brands have tapped into basic fear of human beings of consuming things that are not pure or coming from untrustworthy sources.”

Impact on Health and Environment

Sure, bottle water quenches your thirst. It is free of immediate disease-causing germs and may also have a few added minerals. But is that enough, is that all water, most precious of Nature’s bounty, can bring you?

News reports abound of bottled water containing micro plastic particles, lacking essential minerals (the ‘cleaning agents’ used strip water of its life-enhancing elements) and having contaminants that could be harmful to our health in the long run. The environment has also paid a heavy price because of the overwhelming use of plastic to make bottles.

Then, there are bigger, more insidious issues.

The Deeper Problem

Tests conducted by scientists the world over have shown that whether the water is from the municipal taps or packaged in bottles (whose basic sources generally remain the same), it is likely to be full of ‘trauma’.

What is trauma of water? How does it impact us?

When water emerging from natural sources is harnessed through dark and dingy pipes, polluted by industrial wastes, treated with chemicals, and made to undergo all the abuses of humans, it loses its pristine nature, turning slowly into what may be termed as ‘bulk water’. Bulk water is a state where the molecules are in chaotic disarray and begins to exhibit high resistance to the flow of good energies. This is traumatized water, the water we get at most of our urban homes.

This water, channelized to our homes, is ‘clean’ but is under stress. The cellular membrane does not absorb traumatized water optimally thereby our systems do not get the full goodness of water. This is the reason why some people may feel lethargic and tired even after drinking plenty of water.

Enter JIVA, the Life-enhancer

When water passes through our device JIVA, it goes into a state of low entropy – the best state for energies to manifest to their higher potential. JIVA water is in such a state of heightened potential that the lower energy systems that are undesirable get drawn in and get calibrated to the higher state. The water regains its original life-enhancing structure and energy. And when you consume it, it leads to better hydration and increases cell regeneration. You feel more energized.

JIVA Water: At a Glance

  • It erases the trauma in your tap water without mixing or filtering. (So you need to attach the devise to your filtering device such that the filtered water flows through it.)
  • It restructures the chaotic molecules of water, leaving it pristine as Nature intended.
  • It creates an aerobic positive environment, which promotes healthy bacteria and negates bad bacteria.

When you drink water that is at peace, in its original form, it not only quenches your thirst, it also nourishes and heals better. So get on to the path of good health and true wellness with JIVA.


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