The science behind Jiva Water Devices draws from various scientific fields,
including quantum physics, bio-energetics, and water enhancement.

Nature’s Principles:

Jiva Water Devices harness principles from quantum physics & nature’s principles to influence water at the molecular level. They create specific energy fields that interact with water molecules, enhancing their frequency, energetic and vibrational properties.

Bio-Field Energy :

These devices are designed based on the concept that water possesses an inherent life force or energy. When water loses this energy due to pollution or treatment, it may not adequately support cellular hydration and health. Jiva Water Devices work to restore this vital life energy to water.

Frequency Encoding:

Everything in the universe emits electromagnetic frequencies. Jiva Water Devices utilize frequency-encoding techniques to embed specific beneficial frequencies into the water. These frequencies are thought to positively impact the water's properties and its interaction with living organisms.

In summary, Jiva Water Devices restores Life Energy by enhancing the energetic quality of water by leveraging principles from nature and quantum physics.