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Jiva Water

Yami Vessel Mount

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The Vessel Mount is created to hold the Yami Device when you need to pass the purified water and use and store it in wide mouth vessels or water storage containers. 

Place the Vessel mount on any wide mouth vessel or container, If needed, adjust the slider grips to fit the mouth of the container. Place the Yami in the Adjustable Silicon grip holder, pour the purified water through the Yami, and enjoy a seamless flow right into your vessel or wide mouth containers. 

Note: We recommend usage of stainless steel, glass or earthenware containers

Material of the Mount - Premium Grade Stainless Steel with Silicone sliders

Size -

  • Length - 320 mm
  • Breadth - 60 mm
  • Height -  50 mm

Weight: 228 gms

This Vessel Mount  has 3 components & comes fully assembled

  1. Premium grade Stainless Steel - Main frame - 1 pc
  2. Silicone slider grips - 2 pcs
  3. Moveable Yami Ring Holder 
  4. Allen key  Included - if you need to move the position of  the Yami Ring holder on the Steel Main Frame.

Installation & Use:

  • Place the main frame over the mouth of the water storage containers made of steel or earthenware or your cooking pan, vessels, etc.,
  • Adjust the given Silicone slider grips to properly grip the outer rims of vessel or container
  • Place the Yami firmly in the Yami Ring Holder. Ensure the Device is held well.
  • Now, Pass your purified water through elegant Yami & you’re all set to experience Jiva Water enhanced with Life Energy.
Yami Vessel Mount
Yami Vessel Mount
Yami Vessel Mount
Yami Vessel Mount
Yami Vessel Mount
Yami Vessel Mount