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Jiva Water

Yami Tap Sling

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Yami Tap Sling is a compact and versatile tap accessory designed to provide convenient access to your Jiva water directly from your purified water source like purifier taps or water storage container taps

The Tap Sling has the hook feature that lets you to hang it on most of the commonly fitted taps on the Water Storage Containers, Bubble Top Containers, Purifier Taps, etc.,

Yami Tap Sling has 3 main components & comes fully assembled

  1. Premium grade Stainless Steel - Main frame hook - 1 pc
  2. Removable Silicone Padding on the hook - 1 pc
  3. Moveable Steel Ring Holder with Silcone Padding - 1 pc
  4. Allen key Included - if you need to move the position of  the Yami Ring holder on the Steel Main hook

With its moveable Yami Ring Holder and convenient hook feature, this tap sling offers a secure and customizable solution for holding the Yami device, ensuring a seamless flow of fresh Jiva water enhanced with life energy, every time you fill your bottle or glass of water.

Note: This Yami Tap Sling is not meant to use for bathroom, kitchen taps and similar.


  • Hook Height : 100 mm

  • Steel Ring Holder Length:  95mm

  • Steel Ring Holder Width:  75 mm

Weight: 158 gms


  1. Slip out the silicone pad 
  2. Place the hook on the tap, you may need to turn it horizontally to slide through the tap as needed, to hang the Yami Tap Sling’s hook
  3. Place the silicone pad back
  4. Firmly place your Yami into the ring of the adjustable slider
  5. According to the need, Adjust the slider & position the Yami to the ensure the water from the tap is funneled into Yami without water spilling out. 
  6. The movement of the ring slider can be loosened or tightened with the use of the Allen key provided in the package

Now, Pass your purified water through elegant Yami & you’re all set.

Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling Yami Tap Sling