Tasty and healthy – JIVA Water

To all Earthlings

My name is Sridhar and I am an IT Professional living in Singapore. I turned 61 years of age, in December of 2022.

I came to know about JIVA device from my friend almost a year ago. It was too complex for me to understand it’s functioning and how its energised water's molecular structure and its positive impacts. Later when the device was launched, I just shared the info with my sister casually.
My sister, in her quest to find some solution to my mother’s IBS, decided to buy the Yami. The only thought then was that even if there may not be noticeable benefits, there was nothing to lose. Good drinking water, after all, cannot have side effects.
But lo and behold, the benefits were clearly visible with my mother being able to eat all kinds of spicy food, with literally no ulcers in her mouth or any symptoms of IBS. Sometimes, we wonder why this was not available 3-4 yearsearlier. My mother would have had a better life.
Seeing the big change for my mother, I got one for myself. My acid reflux has completely disappeared since then. In addition, the spice in Indian dishes that used to trigger skin rashes or itchiness for mehas also stopped.
The change for my mother and my own personal experience is unbelievable, but very true.I bought a dozen Yami devices to share with my close family and friends. They too started with reluctance and disbelief; only to realize that their life is changing for the better. A classic example is my nephew whose eczema reduced greatly in 3-4 months. Now he enjoys wearing a T-shirt and goes out to meet friends after work, something that was a far cry before.
The benefits of JIVA devices may vary from person to person. And that purely depends on how one's body gets rejuvenated by the energised water that has passed through the JIVA device. Priced at INR 8,200 for Yami, it is a steal that is worth; that would benefit all members of the family. Even if one does not believe my experience, imagine spending that equivalent money for a good family dinner that would allow joy only for an evening; whereas, this one would bring good health and happiness for days, weeks and years to come. Having first hand experience of it’s benefits and the remarkable transformation it made in my life, I whole heartedly recommend the device to one and all. As the saying goes, 'Experience yourself and derive the benefits' by going for Yami.

Cheers to Yami for good health and better living.