Dr. Krishna Madappa

Dr. Krishna Madappa, aged 75 years, is a distinguished PhD Research Scientist, founder and the visionary behind Jiva Water Devices, holds an impressive background in engineering and bio-field sciences. With roots in the Andaman Islands of India and educational experiences in both India and the USA, he brings a unique blend of knowledge to his pursuits. 

Dr. Krishna is renowned for his expertise in bio-energy sciences, innovations in water technologies, and his involvement in global consciousness projects. His speaking engagements on topics ranging from Science and Consciousness to Spiritual Sciences, Quantum Energy Sciences, and Wellness have earned him recognition on international platforms.

Dr. Krishna's extensive research spans both linear and non-linear properties of water. His global studies involve measuring the photoluminescence and bio-energetics of water in its natural sources, as well as in urban and agricultural settings. 

Collaborating with esteemed scientists like Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Gerald Pollack, and others, he has traveled to various locations to analyze water's characteristics.  

His findings have revealed a concerning trend – despite access to chemically treated water, the Life Force Energy in the water we consume is often depleted. Furthermore, he has noticed a decline in the nutritional values of produce and animal products due to the lack of Life Force Energy in water. 

Motivated by these observations, Dr. Krishna embarked on a journey to restore Life Force Energy to water. After years of rigorous research, experimentation with design approaches, quantum techniques, flow patterns, and frequency encoding methods, he successfully developed the Jiva Water Devices.  

These innovative devices effortlessly restore Life Force Energy to water by simply passing it through.  

Designed to align with modern lifestyles, he has created devices suitable for drinking water that are user-friendly, portable and devices for home, farms, agri that easy to install. All the devices require very minimal maintenance.  

Most notably, they operate without relying on external power sources, ensuring that access to water with Life Energy is convenient for everyone. Dr. Krishna's pioneering work continues to impact the way we interact with and benefit from one of life's most essential elements – water.