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Vipasa: Tailored for Diverse Applications

Vipasa is a robust device for home and agricultural use that brings back water to its natural, life giving state

Independent Houses:

  • Perfect for overhead tank outlets, bathroom lines, and terrace gardens.
  • Ideal for use after water softeners, pressure pumps, and filters.


  • Easily connects to individual bathroom lines or showerheads.

For Farms:

  • Suited for small agricultural lands, cattle farms, and poultry farms.
  • Enhances soil biome, nutritional value, yield, and crop cycle time.
  • Maintains optimal health in poultry, cattle, and more.

Watch the Vipasa Installation Video here


Why Jiva Water Device?

  • Life Energy is Science

    Water isn't just H2O; its vitality and essence have been acknowledged in ancient wisdom and now, modern science.

  • Restore Life Energy Instantly

    Instant Restoration of Life Energy in Water. Our device ensures that water regains its life energy immediatelyupon passing through.

  • Backed by 30+ years of Research

    Trust in the experience. Jiva is the culmination of 30+ years of dedicated research, ensuring quality and reliability.

The Science

What's the problem with the clean water consumed?

Water, nature's conduit for Life Energy, fuels our cells. But today, as it's dragged from its natural course—through compacted soils, over long distances, and stagnant pipelines—water undergoes informational, physical, and chemical trauma.

These journeys, combined with modern purification techniques and prolonged storage in plastics, strip water of its Life Energy. While we might purify it physically, we are unknowingly consuming energy-depleted water.

This results in chaotic water information, diminished photoluminescence, a reduction in its bio-field energy, and the loss of its intrinsic vibrational vitality.

Dr.Krishna's Research

Our Jiva Water Founder Dr. Krishna's research, spanning decades, delves deep into water's hidden vibrational essence. Collaborating with luminaries like Dr. Masaru Emoto and Dr. Mae Won Ho, he used bio-photon nanoscopic imaging to reveal water's life energy dynamics.

His work shows the world the adverse effects of water's tumultuous journey and treatments, paving the way for a revolutionary understanding of water.

How does the device restore Life Energy?

How does the device restore Life Energy? 

The Jiva Water Device is designed based on principles that tap into the natural resonance and vibrational frequencies of water. By channeling water through the device, that mimics nature’s flow, it is exposed to a specific environment or material that resonates at these frequencies, thereby restoring or enhancing its inherent life energy.  

This is grounded in Dr. Krishna's extensive research and understanding of water's linear properties and its non-linear properties.  

What's in the device that restores Life Energy?

The Jiva Water Device, inspired by Nature's Quantum Principles, harnesses cutting-edge technology to rejuvenate water's life energy in mere attoseconds. Its frequency-encoded design features bio-mineral encasings that counteract chaotic water information through energy imprints.

Additionally, its water tunnelling pathways replicate water's natural flow, reviving its intrinsic vibrational vitality. Further amplifying this process, a deep photon triggering element enhances water's photoluminescence.