Your water should brim with Energy, and so should you!

Your water should brim with Energy, and so should you!

Ravi was always in his best spirits and full of life, performing and delivering with very high efficiency and efficacy.  A senior psychologist picked him for this trial, and as a part of that – he had Ravi locked up in his room, for a whole day.  While making sure he was provided with all essentials like food etc. Later in the evening, interaction showed that Ravi was completely down in his spirits and lacking his usual energy to perform well! 

Cut to Water now.   

Water, flowing at source has always been in its best spirits and full of life; roaring with creative energies, to help every living cell it touches.  Then we stepped in, and slammed it into pipelines – miles long, and dingy. We started dumping chemicals, for purification, large scale treatment and brought it into tanks turning it into stagnated water. Before entering our apartment complexes or homes, we further treat it; and ultimately filter it again in our houses, before drinking!  This is probably a few thousand times worse than what Ravi experienced!  Like Ravi, water lost all its energy and ability to perform efficiently.   

All living cells, including the ones in you and me, are eagerly waiting to get hydrated with the great life energies of water, but alas what they are getting is tired waters, with very low energies. Slowly, our cells go into depletion, leading to all issues- starting from our gut to hair fall and skin.  

Understanding the nature and dynamics of water is important, especially in today's rapidly deteriorating environment.  Nature does it simply.  Jiva does it simply as well, because at Jiva we understand the interaction between nature and water. 

Drink water brimming with Life Energy today with Jiva Water Devices! 

Written by:
Srinivasan Vitoba, Founder-Jiva Water