What’s missing in our waters?

What’s missing in our waters?

Go back to the last holiday you had in the hills or when you were splashing under that waterfall. Ever wondered why your hair was so soft, flowing, and happy? That’s because the water there was soft, flowing, and filled with bioenergy. In other words, as water merrily gushes and splashes down rocks, streams, and rivers, it retains its natural structure.

Our skin is made up of cells and is built in layers. It is important to maintain a healthy skin for great hair as it is placed between layers. The less hydrated the skin, the weaker the hair gets and is more prone to hair related issues. Hydration is vital not only on the hair surface level but also at the deeper cellular level. Proper hydration not only facilitates cell lubrication, metabolism, detoxification, and growth but is also essential for maintaining the outer hair cuticle smoothness. All our vitamin and mineral supplements cannot work unless there is adequate water in the cells to facilitate their absorption and interaction.

When the skin is dehydrated, it is weak and the pores open up to dirt. This leads to itchy hair, clogged pores that encourage sebum build-up and eventually even hairfall, hair loss and dandruff.

So, the water you consume and the water you use to wash your hair are both important. Now, if we ponder over the amount of water we drink or the kind of products we use, why is it that we still face hair related issues? So, what’s the missing link?

Natural water coming from the source is soft, filled with energy, light and carries immense benefits. This is how we experience soft, happy hair when we spend time close to nature. By the time this water reaches our homes, it is broken, tired and traumatised by chemicals. This robs the water of its easy bioavailability i.e. reduces its capacity of being absorbed by our cells and passes through our body poorly without hydrating and energizing our cells. So, any amount of water consumption just passes through our body without being absorbed by our cells, leaving us unnourished and dehydrated.

It’s no wonder that we city dwellers who guzzle liters of water still end up spending a fortune on hair treatments and health supplements, while people living near undisturbed land and streams have better hair with their normal diets.

So, the answer is not just water, but structured, wholesome water, like what is available at source that is the solution to cellular hydration.