The Truth About Grey Water: Unveiling the Need for Conscious Usage

The Truth About Grey Water: Unveiling the Need for Conscious Usage

Grey Water

Firstly, let me discuss Grey water..  Greywater is wastewater that is produced domestically without the inclusion of sewage. In most complexes today – from apartments to office complexes, grey water is treated by various means, and given to the gardens!  Important point, which I will address shortly.


Let me discuss Plants now.. Most apartment and office complexes use a lot of greenery today – more commonly called Lung space!  Means quality of air..  quality of air can only be as good as the quality  / health of the plant!  In some cases, they grow vegetables and fruits, that are used for cooking, for the residents.  More famously touted as – Home grown!  Home grown vs Bought out – the least you would want is, for Home grown to have higher nutritional content.  Another important point!  Will connect the story soon.


Let’s discuss the Soil now..  well, I’m not sure if soil is even considered seriously in any of these complexes, given the number of other issues that they are grappling with! But soil is the basis for a Plant; healthy soil, I mean..  to grow healthy plants!  We keep measuring water parameters; seldom have we come across anyone trying to test soil!  How do you grow a healthy plant, in poor soil!?  One more important point!  Unfolding the story very soon..

Having discussed three important points - Grey Water - Plants – Soil, I’m going to digress a little, but extremely important.  Since we are talking about Plant and Lung (space), it is important to understand how they function. 

Inside a cell is the DNA – the Information carrier

They function through the fundamental unit of Life – the Living Cell.  Everything is happening in a Cell – be it plants or human beings or animals.  Inside a cell is the DNA – the Information carrier!  This is how cells communicate with each other, continuously trying to throw away the toxins and help being healthy!  How do they communicate?  They communicate through Water!  Two thirds of a cell is water!  Not without a reason!!

Ever wondered why our mobile phones called Cell!  ..because the way they communicate with Towers, is almost like our biological Cell!  So…  the important word here is Signal!  Without signal, communication cannot happen!  Now comes the first question…  ever wondered if our water has the Signal strength?  If it is weak, how can cells communicate!?

Here’s the big one!  Signal strength in water, has now been measured!  Most of the waters we use have extremely poor signal strength! Here, to help you understand the Life Energy in Water, I mentioned as Signal Strength.

Take a look at the pictures below that shows Life Energy in 2 different types of Water.

 Life Energy Measurement in Water

We measured everything..  but missed the most important one!  Focus has been on physical parameters..  deeper and more intrinsic parameters were forgotten!

Let me unfold the story now, and connect the dots I’ve lined up, earlier.

Point No. 1 – Grey Water

we measured the treated grey water for all physical parameters we know; Signal strength?  We didn’t. 

Point No. 2 – - Plants

Nutrition..  Cells are the building blocks of life, and help absorb and transport nutrition to our organs; but if the very water that it uses to communicate does not have signal strength, how can it carry out its work effectively?  Cells will keep struggling, and eventually get tired and sick!

Point No. 3 – Soil

Soil and Water have a very important relationship.  They interact with each other continuously, to maintain eco balance!  Two reasons why our waters lost their signal strength – one, the mindless contamination we have done to our soils, have resulted in the waters flowing through it, getting contaminated; two, the subsequent treatment methods have only focussed on physical parameters, and have done nothing to revive the deeper parameters. 

Net result – we have a Lose – Lose rather than what we know as Win – Win

Poor soil, Poor water – and we expect to breathe great air, and grow nutritious food!  Come on….  THINK.  Water is natural..  it’s a part of Nature..  they communicate with each other through frequency and vibration!  it is beyond logic and comprehension!

Imprinting this frequency and vibration into devices that can help revive the life energy in the waters we use, has been Dr Krishna Madappa’s research and effort, for over 30 years.  JIVA Water devices are an outcome of this effort.  Water passed through JIVA Water devices regain their signal strength i.e Life Energy and hence help Cell communication, in turn helping cell health through deep hydration.

Treated effluent water passed through JIVA Water devices have shown healthy plant growth.  This has been testified by both – field results and lab tests. 

Grey Water maybe treated for its physical properties; but lack the vital life energy, that can help life.  Hence, using it without this energy is equal to lack of signal strength, as discussed above; reason why plants do not grow healthy, and lack nutrition in the presence of such waters, and ultimately affect the very soil itself. 

In conclusion..  if we could let water revive its depleted life energy through natural processes, rather than resorting to excessive purification and other processes, water will help life, in all beings! 

Signal Strength is equal to Life Energy! 

When life energy gets depleted, Signal become weak!


Authored by - Srinivasan Vitoba, Founder, Jiva Water