Of Apartments and their view of water Led by science but blinded to outcome. The classic dichotomy!

Of Apartments and their view of water Led by science but blinded to outcome. The classic dichotomy!

The great mystery I am still struggling to come to terms with is, the way apartments are processing, treating and using water!  The classic statements are…

  • TDS is very high.
  • We don’t know what to do
  • We use softeners, alkaline water…..
  • We’ve spent tonnes of money to treat our water

On the flip side, most residents end up saying…

  • The water is so terrible
  • My hair is getting really bad; Skin is really terrible
  • Plants are not growing
  • So much water is getting wasted
  • We are damaging the environment….

..and ironically, everyone’s busy measuring water, not the outcome expected from water!

I remember my 6th standard science- on doing experiments.  

There was a defined Objective; in order to get to the objective, we decided to use a set of inputs and methods; using these we checked if the objective was met; if it was met we recorded the Inputs and Methods that were used, as a standard to follow; if we didn't meet the objective, we changed the inputs and methods, till we achieved the objective, and then recorded the same!

In this case, apartments have gradually forgotten the Objective, and switched to testing and measuring water – Water is the Input and not the Outcome!  Slowly and steadily, measuring water became the Objective itself!  

The Objective should have been what was expected out of water – as highlighted above in ‘what residents said…’ – to have water that helps keep hair, skin, plants etc., healthy.

If this becomes the objective and it is achieved, then what to measure in water will become much clearer.

Hence, it makes me wonder if we know what we should be measuring in water!

Some points to think about …

  • Do we really know the role of water? Do we truly understand water?
  • Is our body one single entity which is fully acidic, that everything we drink has to be alkaline?
    We are a factor of so many different organs and organ systems. Each one being acidic or alkaline at various organs and at different points in time; and also different for different people

Let me discuss a basic example – one of the most commonly known treatment of water is Chlorination.  Without getting into complex science – water is H20;  when you chlorinate – adding chlorine or compounds of chlorine, then H2O + Cl2 should become HCl or HOCl or…  ..but water is H2O!  How is it water any more?  ..and our cells need water!

It is important that we understand the role of water correctly.

The deeper role of water has been extolled in our scriptures; reason why, across centuries we’ve been using water as basis for our rituals, across cultures.

Here are two lines that appear in every verse of Mantra Pushpam (Taittriya Upanishad)

Yopam ayata nam veda ayata navan bavati

Meaning, one who understands the essence of water, will understand the essence of life!

Couldn’t have been said without a reason!        

The role of water is not just quenching thirst..  its role is to carry life energy and deliver it to our cells. In common language we call it Prana!

The biggest problem we need to wake up to is – we are over-treating our waters, and in the process depleting the water of its life energy. 

Net effect, we have physically clean water but lacking the life energy!  

Jiva Water Devices – which have been globally launched, with the very purpose of restoring the life energy in our water, have been receiving extremly encouraging feedback. 

Hence, in all apartment complexes, office complexes etc., it would be a great start to look at water with a whole new eye!
The huge sums of money spent until now, in any case have not been yielding the desired outcomes.

Beginning by testing with one Jiva device (Vipasa), would be a great initiative; and probably the least cost that could be spent to check if water meets the outcome based objective.

The best and fastest way to test is – on Plants – one patch receiving normal water and an adjacent patch getting the same water but passed through Jiva device (everything else being the same). 
Better root growth (signifying improvement in health of soil), to increase in number of roots to increase in stem height, yield and enhanced nutritional value, have all been observed, across users in various geographies globally.  We have substantial number of User evidences, inline with the same.

In drinking water – the top few feedbacks have been – better gut health; reduction in hair fall, reduction in allergy issues and so on. 

Additionally, treated effluent water passed through Jiva, has shown better growth of plants.

From water going to all Flats, to Effluent treated water, please pass them through Jiva Water devices.

This would be a great service to the residents and Planet Earth, in one go!

Water is not a commodity

Written by:
Srinivasan Vitoba, 
Founder-Jiva Water