Fight the bane of using multiple hair products with no results

Fight the bane of using multiple hair products with no results

Hair is an emotion, and everyone finds one way or another to pamper and nurture it to look and feel good. While hair is treated with various natural ingredients and age-old recipes passed on from our mothers and grandmothers, many of us opt for customised hair care products available in the market.

Be it for any textured hair, treated hair or concerns like hair fall solution, for hair growth and various other treatments, there are innumerable products to pick from. Cleansing, moisturising or pre-wash and post-wash care are just a few that are part of our daily regime. And we go through so much of this trying to just get some changes in how our hair looks and feels. But are you satisfied with what you get after spending and investing your time in it?

We do all of this to keep the scalp and hair clean and hydrated. If you think about it, water is one of the main elements that do both naturally, but we never give a thought to the kind of water we use for our hair. Water plays a vital role in the well-being of our cells, and cellular hydration is the first step towards having good hair. But, just any water won’t do. Soft water is known to help the hair fall control and for hair growth.

Ever wondered why when we have access to mountain water in the hill stations, our hair tends to be happy and healthy? That’s because the water is structured, filled with energy, soft and carries the most natural and nourishing benefits.

The water we get in our taps is broken, traumatised and stripped of energy. Our body cells tend to absorb less water when it is not structured and thus leaving us less hydrated. This leads to hair fall, dandruff and various other ailments. Apart from the water we drink, a little amount of the water we bathe also gets absorbed by our body, leaving our skin dry too.

All we need is wholesome, structured water to not just cut down on unnecessary product use but also to rejuvenate our hair, scalp and follicles naturally. JIVA water enhances cellular hydrations that lead to follicle strengthening, hair fall control, stimulating hair growth and keeping the pores on our scalp clean and healthy.