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Yami is a sleek, lightweight water structuring device that is a kitchen essential. It is perfect for energising your daily drinking water.

The device also works well for washing fruits and vegetables and cooking for improved nutrition. Its handy size makes it easy to carry on travels, to the gym and to the office.

Directions to use: Hold Yami under any water outlet and allow the water to pass through it and into a glass or vessel below.

Length : 12 CM    Weight : 400 GMS


How to Use ?

Hold directly under a water purifier

Pour from bottle to a glass

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Anirudh Nagendran, 26, Coimbatore
Reviewed in India on 21 February 2022
Verified Purchase
I used to get tired pretty often. Even regular everyday chores, work used to drain me out. But within a month of using Yami, I have started to feel more energetic everyday and am even able to find the stamina for everyday football with my friends. I hope I am able to keep this habit going on over time!
Arunima Rao, 21, Bangalore
Reviewed in India on 4 March 2022
Verified Purchase
I have had sensitive skin and pimples all my life. I have tried medicines but still couldn't control the break outs. However, I have started noticing that with JIVA Yami my skin has become more clear and is able to stay clear even with seasonal changes. I have barely had any break outs over the last few weeks. Can't wait to see what miracle happens next!
Subodh Nair, 40, Cochin
Reviewed in India on 9 March 2022
Verified Purchase
I have an unpredictable stomach and most times, no matter what I eat, I would feel bloated and gassy all the time. I couldn't really enjoy food. It has been 3 weeks since I have started using JIVA Yami and it has done wonders. The everyday bloating and gas has reduced significantly, and I am at least able to eat everyday food without worries.
Latha Polampalli, 54, Vijaywada
Reviewed in India on 17 March 2022
Verified Purchase
Of late with the menopause and just aging, there has been a sudden fatigue everyday. Heavy muscle pain, low energy and constant sleepiness. I tried multivitamins. They helped but nothing significant. I have been drinking water from JIVA Yami for a month and am feeling less sore everyday. The drowsiness has reduced and I feel motivated to move and do things around the house.
Shikha Srivastav, 33, Delhi
Reviewed in India on 31 March 2022
Verified Purchase
Every winter, I load myself with moisturisers/ creams trying to prevent dry and patchy skin. But none worked continuously. But with JIVA Yami, last winter just went so smoothly, with very minimal creams or make up to cover patchiness. My skin was supple, soft and just glowing all season.
Vikram Mandhotra, 45, Chandigarh
Reviewed in India on 2 April 2022
Verified Purchase
The heat out here over the summers would make me feel dehydrated all the time. Doing any activity was almost impossible due to the extreme tiredness. But this season with JIVA Yami, despite the worst of the summers, I still didn't feel that tired and was still able to get through the whole day without the fatigue.
Harish Manae, Bangalore
Reviewed in India on 17 April 2022
Verified Purchase
I trek pretty often, but off late I feel pretty dehydrated and tired during my climbs. I started having water after passing it through JIVA Yami, and it has kept me more hydrated and energetic during my long treks. I can see a sustained increase even in my everyday stamina.
Chellur Pashu Pathi Nath, 39, Bellary
Reviewed in India on 6 May 2022
Verified Purchase
I love food but somewhere down the road, I developed an allergy to spicy food. Even the lightest of spices gave me severe throat burn and a cough. But with JIVA Yami, my allergy has decreased significantly and now I am able to enjoy spicy food again!
Santosh, Coimbatore
Reviewed in India on 2 June 2022
Verified Purchase
I have had acid reflux for years now. It has been the cause of uneasiness and discomfort everyday. With JIVA Yami my stomach is finally at ease. Now I am completely off medication and managing with just the right diet and JIVA water everyday.