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Vipasa is a sturdy water structuring device that is essential to improve the quality of water in the entire home. It is the perfect option to energise your daily water. The device works well for bathing as it promotes good skin and hair, the device is perfect for terrace gardening for healthy soil and produce. It easily fits into the existing water-lines, such as overhead tanks and pumps.

Directions to use: Fix your Vipasa to the outlet of your water pump with suitable adaptors.

Length : 32 CM    Weight : 3 KG

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Haresh Thakker, 43, Mumbai
Reviewed in India on 13 March 2022
Verified Purchase
Balding has been part of my family. So I tried preventing it as much as possible - diet, oils, medicines, treatments but eventually I also started to show signs of balding. I installed JIVA Vipasa in the showers as a last resort and started noticing changes immediately. Hairfall reduced, scalp patchiness reduced and my hair looks fuller. I really hope it keeps helping my hair more and more as I use it.
Shilpi Navekar, 27, Nagpur
Reviewed in India on 21 April 2022
Verified Purchase
I had really thick hair but over the years, I guess because of pollution by hair quality has reduced. My hair started thinning, increasing breakage and split ends. With JIVA Vipasa installed, my hair feels fuller and softer. I am seeing less hair falling around and just want it to stay this way forever.
Pankaj Mishra, 36, Lucknow
Reviewed in India on 26 April 2022
Verified Purchase
The water where I live is really salty and drying. And my hair has suffered quite a bit. The scaling and dandruff just caused itchiness all the time. But after I installed JIVA Vipasa in my home, I have some relief on my scalp. It has reduced itchiness and dandruff in some way. I am just glad for this change and hope JIVA just keeps surprising me.
Sujata Pola, 52, Bellary
Reviewed in India on 2 May 2022
Verified Purchase
I have a problem with skin dryness throughout the year. I keep trying different moisturizers but nothing works long enough. With JIVA Vipasa in our home, my skin feels hydrated enough to not need moisturizers even during winters.
Babu Pola, 54, Bellary
Reviewed in India on 19 May 2022
Verified Purchase
I have been losing hair for a while and nothing was really helping. With JIVA Vipasa installed my hairfall has reduced by a lot and the thickness of hair has improved. I just hope this continues on.