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Jahnavi is a robust water structuring device that is vital to enhancing the soil biome, nutritional value, yield and crop cycle time in larger farms. It is used in majority of farms, can handle 30,000 litres of water per hour and can be fitted to pumps with suitable adaptors.

Directions to use: Fix your Jahnavi to the outlet of your water pump with suitable adaptors.

Length : 33 CM    Weight : 7.45 KG

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Vikram Kollegal, Dairy Farm Owner, Bellary
Reviewed in India on 22 May 2021
Verified Purchase
My animals were weak and I used to get 6 litres of milk per buffalo. With JIVA Vipasa, my animals are healthier and we now get 7 litres of milk now per buffalo. JIVA is the perfect insurance for animals.
Bharath Yadav, Dairy Farm Caretaker, Bellary
Reviewed in India on 24 May 2021
Verified Purchase
My buffaloes were quite sick and lacked vitality. With JIVA buffaloes have become healthier and look happier. If two buckets are placed theyalways end up choosing JIVA water only. There was a really sick buffalo who just after drinking JIVA water for 45 days, stood up and started moving around. I am so grateful for JIVA water.
Sharada Srinivasan, Terrace Garden Owner, Bangalore
Reviewed in India on 21 July 2021
Verified Purchase
My crops were growing but were still were not healthy at all. On using JIVA, the tomatoes and radishes in my garden are healthier and juicier. The crop cycle has also changed. Sweet potato grows in 4 months instead of 6. I am so glad for JIVA water or as I like to call it, Happy water!
Anwar Basha, Paddy Farmer, Bellary
Reviewed in India on 23 August 2021
Verified Purchase
With JIVA water, I have got more yield that what I used to get. What we usually sow for a 5 acre field got me 8 acres worth crops. The increase in yield came with better root development and quality of rice.
Sri Chidanand Kundannavar, Nursery owner, Belgaum
Reviewed in India on 27 September 2021
Verified Purchase
The seedlings in my nursery were quite weak and used to perish out of some disease or the other. Since installing JIVA, the stems of seedlings and the hair root network have become stronger. My seedlings have also become more disease-resistant. I hope JIVA keeps improving the health of my plants continuously.
Khaleel H, Paddy farmer, Allur
Reviewed in India on 17 November 2021
Verified Purchase
I used to get 25 to 28 stalks of paddy earlier and the root hair used to be more black. Now with JIVA, the root hair are whiter. The health of roots and the quantity of yield have improved. I now get 38 to 40 stalks of paddy. I am really impressed with JIVA.
Jayappa Walikar, Watermelon-Chilli Farmer, Belgaum
Reviewed in India on 2 February 2022
Verified Purchase
There have been great improvements with JIVA. The watermelons that used to weigh 1-2 kgs now weigh 4-5 kgs. This has resulted in a 3 ton additional produce this year and I made Rs 42000 profits as well.