For Yami
Stress Free Travel

- B K Subramanya Prasad

Being a Project Consultant & Trainer, I travel to various cities & have to stay in hotels. Though, I drink clean bottled water, always used to worry about the quality of that water which is stored for long in those plastic bottles. Now, I carry Yami with me always and pass the bottled water in my steel water bottle. the relief of getting to drink energetically pure water is such a huge relief. Thanks Jiva Team

For Yami
Gastric Problem & Hair fall controlled

- Chakali Surendra

i live in Bangalore.. Room - cook sometime.. major outside

For Yami
I know we are using water wrongly

- Srinivasan

I have a slightly balding patch at the back of my head. My wife tells me that she's been seeing hair growth in that area, and it's getting blacker (she's the one who gives me a head massage and hence knows best!). What I observe is - the excretory mechanism seems to be better, and I feel toxins are getting thrown out. This observation is based on the frequency and overall feeling.
Having seen the results on people, plants and animals, for me - I do not want to use any water that has gone through JIVA.

For Yami
Hair Fall is considerably resolved

- Dhabal Shah

I Started using Jiva Product from 2 months now. I have been Jiva using for both drinking and bathing. My hair growth is far better now and hairfall has reduced now. It was very bad earlier before using Jiva Product.

For Yami
Happy after using Jiva

- Kavitha Prabhakar

I am using jiva from past 3 months .. I found it to be very good healthwise.

For Yami
Revitalized your body cells

- Shaji Zacharias

"When you drink Jiva Water, that's Full of life, the water easily penetrates the cells and helps the cell perform all of its functions effectively. But, when you drink Normal water, the water needs healing first. Normal water takes help of our body to get itself revitalized before it tries to help the cells.
so, choose wisely - do you want to drink normal water that needs your help or do you want to drink Jiva Water that energizes you?"

For Yami
Improved digestive system and resolved acidity problem

- Suprio Guha

I got introduced to Jiva after joining 4th Phase Water Technologies in Bangalore. Being in the Advertising and communication business travelling, erratic lifestyle and street food was a part of my life. And needless to say, slowly I developed severe acidity problems.

Initially, I was not that much convinced about the benefits of Jiva Water. Honestly, I could not make any difference in the beginning. But slowly I could notice a change- my acidity problem was almost gone.

This stuck with me using Jiva Water regularly.

For Yami
Everybody Loves the taste and purity

- Kasturi Bai

Hello, My self Kasturi Bai, from Patel Nagar, Bellary, Since we started using JIva in our home we can feel the richness and freshness has improved in drnking water. Everybody in our home feels like having more water than earlier and enjoy to have it everytime.

For Vipasa
Kotresh Thata

- Kotresh Thata

Kotresh Thata gave us the opportunity to instal JIVA in his farm after two meetings. In his 20 acres of Supari farm, 3.5 acres were JIVA. He has seen changes in the soil and leaves. The colour of leaves has changed from red/yellow to green, the leaves are broader now and they are now able to grow chillies, a very rare crop for this area, easily.

For Vipasa
My Buffaloes produce more milk now and don't fall ill as frequently

- Vikram kollegal

We're loving the results we're seeing with our water structuring device for our buffaloes. Not only are they producing more milk, but we're also using fewer feeds of about 10% per animal when compared to before to keep them healthy and happy. It's a win-win for our farm!

For Vipasa
With JIVA, the utilization of chemical fertilizers is reduced and so has cost

- Khaleel H

My paddy growth has been wonderful in terms of root strength and yield rate. Compared to the dam water, paddy from the JIVA water has a good growth rate, better moisture absorption, and white nodules count.

For Vipasa
Crops in my field are healthier and are much larger in size than before

- Senthil Kumar

JIVA water moisture has been increased and this has resulted in a better yield in the turmeric crop. Onions in my field are healthier and are much larger in size than before. With this Jiva water, the Tomato growth has been faster and it is giving a considerable increase in taste when compared with normal water.

For Vipasa
Tomatoes from my terrace garden now taste better, grow faster, and stay fresh longer

- Sharada Shrinivasan

I Have a small Terrace Garden. I always like to buy fresh vegetables. The moment I started sapling my garden with Jiva Device the taste of Tomatoes, Peas, Radish are more tasty and sweeter than before. The Radish Pungent Smell is not that storng anymore.

For Vipasa
My Buffaloes give more than before and don't fall ill as frequently

- Bharat Jadav

On using JIVA water, my buffaloes have become healthier and happier. The quantity of milk per buffalo has increased from 6 liters to 7 liters per day. The health and immunity of the buffaloes have also improved significantly.

For Yami
Chandramukhi Radhakrishnan

- Chandramukhi Radhakrishnan

I wanted an alternative for RO water, which is detrimental to all living beings & also a solution for my mother who has been suffering from IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since her younger days. And, then, came Jiva. My mother started taking Jiva water from Jan.2022. Within 2 months my mothers IBS problems reduced & she started taking spicy food. It is more than 10 months now & my mother is fully 'cured' from IBS problems. What more can one ask for than to be cured of such a painful chronic disease like IBS!!

For Yami

- Sridhar

My mother introduced me to JIVA. She was suffering from IBS and had seen differences. I got one for myself and my acid reflux has disappeared since then. I used to get skin rashes/ itchiness after eating spicy food. That has also stopped. I bought a dozen JIVA devices from my relatives and they have also seen differences.